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Tips to Select the Perfect Underwear According to Body Types

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One of the things that can ruin your whole day can include wearing uncomfortable underwear. Perhaps they can be too loose—providing very minimal support—or too tight for your body. In contrast, wearing comfy men’s red underwear that perfectly fits you can cause you to increase your self-confidence. Below is a thorough guide about men’s underwear, which will help you determine which underwear style is perfectly based on your body type.  


For average body frame 

For men with average body type, boxer briefs and briefs would do the trick for you. Moreover, these underwear pieces are perfect for men who regularly work out since jockstraps and brief offers a 3-point design that promotes support and comfort while doing exercises. Though compared to jockstraps, briefs cover more skin and aren’t as revealing. 

Briefs are attached with a big waistband that is intended to comfortably rest around the hip area. Men who possess larger body types may find them not comfortable since they could turn into rub marks that can be visible on the skin later on because of the restriction surrounding the stomach part.  

For athletic body frame 

If you regularly workout and have an athletic body shape, then the best underwear choice of style for you would be jockstraps. Jockstraps contain 3 joining straps, which form a comfy pouch that helps secure the groin area and sensitive part during extreme physical activities. Plus, it provides good support to the nether areas.  

For large body frame 

If you have a large body frame, then you should opt for wearing boxer shorts. This is perfect for people with such a body frame since it has a baggy style. Such a design can offer room for breathability and comfort just close to the more sensitive area of a man’s lower body. But when you’re searching to get more support, don’t ever think about buying boxer shorts.  

Boxer shorts are arguably the comfiest underwear type for men who have large body forms. Meanwhile, those who wear slim jeans or trousers would find this underwear a bit exaggerated.  

For a slim body frame 

For men who have slender and smaller body frames, trunks are the perfect underwear option thanks to their Y-shaped design on the front, snug fit, and the fact that those who like using these can wear them whenever they can and regardless of the occasion.  

Since this undergarment type contains a tight waistband, it can be uncomfortable for men who have weight surrounding the waist area. But the trunk’s upper thigh features could make smaller legs to appear more enhanced and longer.  

Purchasing the ideal underwear 

Remember that selecting the perfect underwear doesn’t just involve selecting the right style and design. You also have to consider the perfect underwear size that you feel comfortable wearing. Also, make sure to be aware of your body shape and type before making any undergarment purchases. After all, wearing the wrong underwear would only make your day unreasonably uncomfortable and long.  

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