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Caribbean Hot Sauce
4 out of 4 stars! - ILoveItSpicy.com

Gourmet Caribbean Hot Sauce

Caribbean Hot
, 5 oz.
Sale Price: $6.99

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Product Description
This authentic habañero-based hot sauce was inspired by a family recipe from the Caribbean island of Pride of New yorkAntigua and strikes the perfectharmony between heat and flavor. Made with all natural ingredients, sourced from local farms whenever possible, this distinctive sauce is great on its own or mixed with other condiments.

Fresh onions, fresh cucumber,white vinegar, habañero peppers,olive oil, fresh garlic, mustard, wine vinegar, salt, chili powder. Heat Scale: 5/6 (what's this?)

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4 out of 4 stars!
"This is awesome...I love this sauce!"

- ILoveItSpicy.com

  • Heatonist- "Baron's Caribbean Hot Sauce is a fresh blast of flavor! The distinct flavors of fresh cucumber and onion are a welcome opening taste...made with top quality, fresh ingredients, this hot sauce is great on everything from chicken & pork to a refreshing salad. Also a great addition to dips!"
  • Bill Moore's Hot & Spicy Reviews - "Really authentic tasting Caribbean hot sauce...this stuff is GOOD guys! What really sets this one apart is the cucumbers, graglic and onions. FLAVOR: 9 out of 10."
  • Tasting the Heat - "This sauce would be great with pork, fish, chicken and vegetable dishes. If you want a different type of flavor this is the sauce for you. TASTE: 8 out of 10."


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